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LibKey Nomad Tutorial

LibKey Nomad Links

Download PDF - In a single click, you should either see a PDF or be prompted to download a PDF immediately.  If you are not already logged into your UP email account (in the SAME browser), you will be asked to log in.  The PDF document is either coming directly from the publisher or is the publisher's version (according to unpaywall data) but held in a repository such as PubMed Central, EuroPMC or a university repository.

Article Link - The same as the above with the exception that you will NOT see a PDF, but web page which either has the full text in HTML or also has the PDF, but one more link is required to access it.

Manuscript PDF - The article has been found in the form of an Accepted Manuscript in a repository.  While the content has been peer-reviewed it is unlikely to be formatted for publishing so may appear as an unformatted Word Document, etc.  These documents never require authentication.

Manuscript Link - Same as the above, except one more click is required to get to the PDF, if the PDF is even available.  No authentication is required.

Access Options... - Nomad will check the UP Library catalog to see if the article is available.

If you have any trouble downloading an article, please email or call the library (406-791-5315).


What is LibKey Nomad?

LibKey Nomad is a browser addon for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Brave and Vivaldi.  Nomad works with many scholarly publisher websites as well as PubMed and Wikipaedia.   LibKey Nomad searches for articles (with a DOI) available from the UP Library e-collections.

When you look at a webpage,  Nomad checks the DOI to see if the UP Library has that article available from its collections.  LibKey's icon will tell you if the article is available.  Click on the link and the article will download.

Download Nomad, select University of Providence as your library and you are ready to go.  

Download LibKey Nomad